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FamilyUnited: to motivate communities to support, educate, unite and bring positive focus back to ‘The Family” unit especially in the fields of entertainment, mental health & general wellness support and team building via the warm, keen guidance of the mother figures that lead their families~

FamilyUnited Entertainment: actively pursuing opportunities to provide young seriously focused performers with high quality platforms to perform on in safe, supportive and healthy environments. We are passionate about working with Family Performing Groups while also consulting with, guiding and supporting the entire Family team toward their united success~

It is our ultimate desire to bring strength and importance back to the family unit -one family at a time- to propel a ripple affect which will spawn unified and strong family's across the globe - while never losing sight of doing the same with our own.

We are C & D!


Peace, Harmony & Unity starts at home...

Music and the Arts are an uplifting way to deepen this bond.


We aim to provide opportunities and events which will extend this creative united bond into the community using our shared experience, consequent wisdom and united passion in areas we are most familiar with. 


~   ~   ~   

"We Mothers may not all be creative artists ourselves,

but we married, gave birth to & raised them,

      which in many ways actually makes us Artists of Life."  

~C   D~

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