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FamilyUnited Entertainment

proudly supports 


B-GREAT is a non-profit organization raising resource funds to: 
Binarily GROW -RISING - EXCEPTIONAL - ARTISTS- (who’ll independently) -THRIVE- (in society). And how can we make it possible?

To Make Our DREAM a REALITY.... to build a fully functioning, spacious, high quality developmental/performing arts facility with the best structure, layout & equipment available. 

{Think: neighborhood 
'Youth Artist Training Gym' or a 'YMCA for Artists'}

This facility will be a place where young serious artists can go to freely hone or polish the skills they have as well as a source for guidance, direction & skill building in the arts disciplines from experienced professionals united to help the 'whole Artist'. 

FamilyUnited Entertainment is committed to make it happen, but we need your help so we can give our youth artists a place to train and feel safe to express themselves through their own medium of art. For more information about B-GREAT and how you can help, click HERE

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