Who is FamilyUnited Entertainment?

We are mothers, wives & professionals.
We are an evolving company who's main function is to assist

family's of indie live performers who's core management, etc...

are their own family members only.

We work behind the scenes ('stealth' style) to

manage/design/form effective teams to assist serious

Family performance projects; Produce live Family performance

concerts, of all sizes; and mentor Families teams toward

self sufficient UNIFIED success in all areas.

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Cycle for Survival - Team Adam

Pictured here is our chief photographer & videographer, Lizzy Ramirez riding at the Cycle For Survival event joined by Debbie Wolf of Fusion Fitness & Yoga who co-sponsored with FamilyUnited. Cycle For Survival is an organization endorsed by Sloan Kettering in NYC to raise money to find cures for rare Pediatric Cancers. Over 120 people rode for Adam Fiorello, who died only 5 days prior to the event. It was an honor to be a part of this special day in support of the Fiorello Family.

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